Accepted Papers

・Regular papers (page limit 10 pages): 8 papers ( 9 papers )

VMI System with Smart Contracts for Demand Forecasting

Hagiwara Kenta and Omote Kazumasa

Receipt-Free E-Voting By Flexible Usage Of Mix Network

Kun Peng

A Revocation Key-based Approach Towards Efficient Federated Unlearning

Rui-Zhen Xu, Sheng-Yi Hong, Po-Wen Chi and Ming-Hung Wang

A Novel Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Supporting Dual Membership

Yi-Fan Tseng, Jheng-Jia Huang, Guan-Yu Chen, Wei-Hsueh Wang, Yi-Hsueh Lu, Wen-Yi Chen and Shih-Pei Kao

Intrusion Detection Systems Based on Machine Learning Using Feature Expansion Methods

Joonwoo Myung, Youngmin Ko, Taewoong Kwon, Jun Lee, Kyuil Kim and Jungsuk Song

Towards Privacy-Preserving and Practical Vaccine Supply Chain based on Blockchain

Baodong Wen, Yujue Wang, Yong Ding, Hai Liang, Changsong Yang and Decun Luo

Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession: A FHE-based Hash Approach

Sheng-Yi Hong, Rui-Zhen Xu, Po-Wen Chi and Albert Guan

(Withdrawn) Detecting IoT Malware in Packed Samples: A Solution to the Ambiguous Opcode Problem

Shun-Che Ma, Tao Ban, Shin-Ming Cheng and Takeshi Takahashi

A secure firmware or software update model based on DLT system for Internet of Things devices including SBOMS

Daeun Hyeon, Junhyung Park and Heungyoul Youm

・Short papers (page limit 7 pages): 7 papers

Development of the Edge Computing Platform based on Modular Architecture using Intel SGX

Yuma Nishihira, Takuya Ishibashi, Yoshio Kakizaki, Toshihiro Ohigashi, Hidenobu Watanabe, Tohru Kondo and Reiji Aibara

A Certificate Management Mechanism Using Distributed Ledger

Iuon-Chang Lin, Jing-Yuan Huang and Jason Lin

Anonymous and Unlinkable Identity Scheme in Open Data Environment

Jheng-Jia Huang, Wei-Hsueh Wang, Yi-Fan Tseng, Guan-Yu Chen, Hao-Hsiang Chang Chien, Wen-Yan Dai and Nai-Wei Lo

Phishing Detection with Browser Extension Based on Machine Learning

Cheng-Chung Kuo, Che-Yu Wu and Chu-Sing Yang

Packet-Level Intrusion Detection Using LSTM Focusing on Personal Information and Payloads

Shota Kawanaka, Yoshikatsu Kashiwabara, Kohei Miyamoto, Masazumi Iida, Chansu Han, Tao Ban, Takeshi Takahashi and Jun'Ichi Takeuchi

Revisited Linear Approximation formula of ChaCha

Atsuki Nagai and Atsuko Miyaji

Privacy-Preserving Frequency Estimation Method

Naoki Kawahara, Atsuko Miyaji and Tomoaki Mimoto